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Docent Health is a venture-backed consumer engagement company built for healthcare. We focus on improving longitudinal relationships between healthcare organizations and the communities they serve, enabling personalization at scale.

Our Mission:


“Personalized Care For Everyone”



Healthcare consumers shouldn’t be treated as a number or procedure type. Knowing a patient or member as a whole person is not only the right thing to do, it improves business and clinical performance. We believe every touch point a person has with a healthcare organization, digital or human, should inform and personalize the next steps in their care journey. Our technology ensures patients, customers, members and caregivers feel known, valued and heard.


Care, the act of looking after and providing for the needs of others, is central to Docent Health’s mission. It is a privilege we’re honored to be a part of each day. There is not a stark divide between clinical and non-clinical care, in fact, clinical care impacts about 20 percent of a person’s health. The other 80 percent is made up of social determinants, health habits and physical environments. Docent Health resides at the intersection of clinical and non-clinical, bringing the two together to create better care and improve outcomes.

"For Everyone"

When healthcare executives are asked if they’ve ever had a loved one ask them for assistance finding a doctor, scheduling an appointment, or understanding their benefits, the majority will answer yes. It is a clear sign that the system doesn’t work the way it should, nor is it equitable. Docent Health is committed to ensuring all individuals have personalized support as they navigate their health. Enmeshed in the communities and cultures we serve, Docent Health provides accessible, approachable healthcare support for everyone.

Our Team

Our team is composed of individuals who have experience ranging across healthcare services, technology, consumerism and analytics. We all share a deep commitment to helping patients navigate complex and fraught moments in their lives with kindness and humanity.

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