& Analytics

Data that Reshapes Thinking

Healthcare is notoriously difficult for upstarts to break into––and it’s not just due to industry complexity. Healthcare leaders rightfully demand proven and pressure-tested results.

Since our founding five years ago, we’ve proudly entered dozens of markets, delivered a multitude of services, had millions of patient interactions and engaged with hundreds of thousands of patients. Using our integration with Tableau, Docent Health is powering health plans and systems with the unimaginable data healthcare leaders have been seeking.

Data Visualization

Our partnership success team will design and automate key reports, along with various data visualizations, to capture details and nuances that will reshape the way your team thinks and operates.

Data Automation

Remove the manual and embrace automation with Docent Health’s pre-built triggers and event-specific automations. With the click of a button, you’ll get the data and insights you need. Reporting has never been easier.

Multi-tiered User Roles

Docent Health delivers a flexible data management and visualization tool, allowing you to configure reports and roles based on the team members in your organization. 

API Interoperability

The Docent Health Platform comes integrated with Tableau. We’ve built numerous APIs to receive and share data to various repositories and data lakes, so the time from implementation to insight is quick and easy.