The Future of Healthcare

We believe doing what’s right for your patients and what’s best for your business are the one in the same. Intelligent customer engagement programs help you optimize the performance of your business with unparalleled precision. Ensure Medicaid patients are supported and engaged to improve outcomes and lower costs on the system. Scale traditional care teams. Earn customer loyalty and retention. Identify areas for strategic growth and build new market share.

The digital revolution will see you now: transforming patient experience in the digital era

“Alongside a strategic vendor, Docent Health, we create patient profiles, capturing preferences, likes, dislikes, past experience triumphs and failures so that future interactions and encounters are informed, sensitive and person-centered. This holistic view of the patient will then be integrated into existing workflows for front desk staff, call center agents, and providers alike. Our goal is to ensure that the person is always visible within the medical record number, or diagnosis code.”

Sven Gierlinger, Laura Semlies, Emily Kagan Trenchard
Northwell Health

How Sutter Health | Aetna uses Docent Health’s technology and services to completely reimagine the member experience!

“Members who engage with the full Docent onboarding program are 19% more likely to activate their portal account, and 20% more likely to have recently logged in and used it.”

Sutter Health | Aetna 

Patient Navigation: Leading the New Wave of Healthcare Consumerism

Docent Health, a patient navigation solutions provider, can help healthcare organizations implement effective programs and achieve critical milestones in patient experience—leading to quality improvements, cost reductions, and growth.”

Sage Growth Partners

Elevating the Patient Experience: Integrating Docent Health at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery

“We’re excited to be partnering with Docent Health to codify this expertise and these capabilities into a solution that not only enables us to continue to improve our level of service, but also extends to other institutions to elevate the patient experience across healthcare more broadly.”

Lou Shapiro, President & CEO
Hospital for Special Surgery

What Healthcare Execs are Saying

“Our job is to make it as seamless, frictionless and individualized as possible for our patients, as they weave in and out of the digital and human experience.”
Sven Gierlinger

Chief Experience Officer

Northwell Health
“We believe our patients and their families deserve the best possible healthcare, so we’re reimagining how we support patients in a more consumer-centric way. The relationship with Docent Health will allow us to engage and improve the health of the communities we serve in a more personalized and human-centered way.”
Michael Krouse

Senior Vice President, and Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer

“We believe that the Docent approach of providing personalized service to our patients is very important in building long-lasting relationships and the best possible patient care for our community.”
Ken Keller

President & CEO

Bakersfield Memorial Hospital
“We’re re-imagining the member experience by making healthcare more accessible and convenient through rapid innovation. Docent Health is an organization that understands the importance of hospitality and high-touch experiences and together we’re aiming to deliver a truly elevated and differentiated offering.”
Steve Wigginton
Steve Wigginton


Sutter Health | Aetna
“Dignity Health’s mission is to deliver Humankindness in every interaction, and Docent services are a great way to demonstrate to our patients that we truly listen and care about all of their needs, fears and concerns.”
Rich Roth
Rich Roth

Chief Strategic Innovation Officer

CommonSpirit Health