What Docent Health Customers are Saying

“Muy agradecida con todo el personal, por su trato y su excelente servicio.  Fue la primera vez que tube a mi bebe aquí en USA y sin duda alguna me queda la mejor experiencia de mi vida

(Very grateful to all the staff, for their treatment and excellent service. It was the first time I had my baby here in the USA and without a doubt I have the best experience of my life.)

María, 30

Maternity Patient

“You are like the most Awesome Orthopedic Navigator. Thanks again for your expertise & caring Rockie sends his hi. I’m calling Alpine now! Talk soon!”

(Alpine is the local orthopedic clinic, Rockie is his dog)

Teddy, 37

Orthopedic Patient

“Muchas gracias por todo!!!”

(Thank you for everything)

Elena, 32

Maternity Patient

“You are like the most caring, cool Orthopedic Navigator and I have been super lucky to have had your professional support. Thanks again for making me feel better. Wishing you the very BEST  : – )”

Jimmy, 59

Orthopedic Patient

“It’s so nice to have you help me.  Thanks for helping me set up my annual wellness appointment. I wonder…can you also help me with an insurance card?”

Louis, 24

Health Plan Member

“I really enjoyed the how much I was checked on and followed up with. It def helped especially when I was feeling overwhelmed and low. Sometimes people have a hard time reaching our so this program helped.”

Amanda, 29

Maternity Patient

“Thank you Jean! I am enjoying being pain free with my new knee! We are in Oregon starting a camping trip. I’m hoping to go on some easy hikes!!!! And enjoying the ocean and cooler weather. Thank you for keeping in contact and checking on me

Arinna, 68

Orthopedic Patient

“Thank you for all of your support and help. please thank Deanna for everything. you all made this difficult surgery so much easier and less frightening. what you do is amazing and patients like me r very grateful. Bless you”

Michelle, 61

Orthopedic Patient

“Thank you for all the support I needed to get through postpartum. From reaching out right after I came home, answering some questions I had about the baby and giving me resource I needed. I really needed it so thank you again”

Isabella, 36

Maternity Patient

“This service has been wonderful…I wish more places would help expectant moms navigate healthcare. Thank you for letting me know!”

Sarah, 26

Maternity Patient

“It was so nice to get outreach and know that there was someone I could go to for help. The Women’s Center and their Docents were an invaluable part of my pre and postnatal care. They are one of the reasons we chose this hospital and I wouldn’t have traded our experience for anything.”

Monica, 34

Maternity Patient

“Also I would like to say that you and your team have been amazing and I really appreciate this text feature. You’ve all been very helpful.”

Josh, 33

Primary Care Customer

“We cannot say enough good things about Docent. We LOVE having them. I am so happy to hear how much support you guys are providing these moms post discharge.”

Maryanne, 47

Maternity Nursing Leader