Mental Health

Assistance: Reimagined

In America, there is perhaps no conversation more pressing than the one on mental health. Both providers and health plans are looking for ways to engage people of all ages and provide ongoing mental health support. We believe there is a better way.


Rate of postpartum depression in women after childbirth

Disability days taken from work per year due to depression


Of those with anxiety never receive treatment

Mental Health

The Art of Frictionless Support

Pre-Built Surveys

Our mental health support offering comes with out-of-the-box questionnaires and engagement surveys, like Maternal Mood Disorder (MMD) screens, the PHQ8 and GAD7. These tools provide a safe and informative way to engage patients, learn their needs and respond compassionately.

Resource Support Library

Docent Health has pre-built a resource library to respond to patients on a one-to-one level, offering a streamlined way to curate support for a patient.

Real-Time Insights

The Docent Health Platform can track details like open-rates, survey response trends, resource receptiveness and more. You get real-time insights on how your patients are doing, what’s proving most meaningful and underlying trends that can inform decisions about program design.

The Docent Health Platform, along with our white-labeled care extenders, have created an innovative model for supporting patients with mental or behavioral health needs.

Whether acute or ambulatory, maternity or primary care, the Docent Health Platform provides compassionate support. Docent Health mental health support can be initiated through an inpatient or outpatient setting and engages patients through both digital and human-to-human channels. Docent Health also removes the onus from the patient. Our mental health offering creates a frictionless experience, which is critical to patient outcomes.