Navigation Programs

The healthcare landscape is more fragmented than ever, making engagement, patient adherence and member retention difficult. It’s hard to know where to go, what resources are available and who to trust. New innovations are upping the complexity, and competitors are fighting to win your customers’ loyalty.

Docent Health offers a new model for consumer engagement with human and digital navigation services providing personalized engagement at scale. Proven to drive better outcomes, increase engagement and nurture relationships.

Accelerating Care Forward

We know navigation programs work, but the healthcare industry hasn’t found a way to cost-effectively deliver these services at scale. Now you can.

Docent Health’s innovative technology, digital tools and human services gives you navigation programs that are easier and more effective than ever. We provide an accountable resource to guide patients and members to the timely support, without barriers. Choose to deploy an established Docent Health navigation program or work with our team to build a custom one to fit your needs.