We Help Healthcare Be Better Human Care

The importance of taking a consumer-centric approach to care is clear. Our technology-enabled service model creates enduring relationships with patients who will feel connected, well cared for and loyal. We provide a consistent and reliable point of contact for patients before, during and after care events, and share what we learn back with referring providers and clinical staff in the hospital.

One Source for Patient and Experience Data

Our intuitive dashboard puts patient, health system and experience information right at your fingertips, where it can efficiently influence decisions and actions in real-time.

Experience Blueprinting

We Give You An Actionable Blueprint

We use deep customer research and segmentation to design journeys personalized to your patients. You’ll be able to better understand them as people, as well as their unique needs and preferences.

Customer Research

We help you understand the wants and needs of patients and care teams, and develop segmentation unique to your health system and community.

Experience Assessments

We evaluate your existing patient experiences, looking for gaps and opportunities for more effective resource allocation.

Strategic Plans

We use that segmentation and data to build roadmaps to personalized patient experiences and health system growth.

We Empower Trained Patient Liaisons

We enhance your team with on and off-site liaisons, or Docents, who coordinate with patients before, during and after their clinical experience. They’ll also inform and assist clinical staff, freeing them to deliver truly human-centric care.

Virtual & Onsite Docents

Docents work in-person and virtually to continuously inform and support patients and staff.

Meaningful Communication

Via digital, phone and in-person interactions, Docents answer questions and identify needs and preferences.

Staff Integration & Collaboration

Docents work with staff in nursing huddles and rounding to ensure an understanding of patients’ non-clinical needs, and often perform non-clinical service tasks.

We Scale to Fit Your Needs

Our platform is built to connect and empower staff and patients at the facility, regional or national level. You can begin with a single service line, and the platform will scale as you expand across a broader patient population